What is an identity card

what is an identity card

The Electronic Identity Card (CIE) is the identity document of Italian citizens issued by the Ministry of the Interior. The CIE project aims to enhance ID. For more information on national identity documents, please ask the passport and/or identity card authority responsible for where you live. For more information. Proof of legal identity is defined as a credential, such as birth certificate, identity card or digital identity credential that is recognized as proof of.

What is an identity card -

Foreign driving licenses and passports are accepted with limitations. As may care providers and employers. Since , all newly issued Belgian identity cards have a chip eID card , and roll-out of these cards is expected to be complete in the course of The fact that these documents have been destroyed shall be recorded. For most purposes when identification is required, only valid documents are ID card, passport or driving license. There are also two optional fields designed to facilitate emergency medical care: ABO and Rhesus factor blood typing.

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