How to write email for official purpose

how to write email for official purpose

I am writing this email/letter to you to request for a laptop to use for work. Subject: Requesting for a Laptop for Official Purpose/ Office Use. Get emails; Subscribe to feed 17 February ; Official Statistics. See all research and statistics Our senior military officials. Your message could also be viewed as a cold email, and if that's not your aim, choose another greeting. Formal and informal email greetings. If.

: How to write email for official purpose

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how to write email for official purpose
how to write email for official purpose

5 Responses

  • Galanskiee Gaming says:

    Ma'am i hv given my present address as permanent address mistakenly...i dnt hv any address proof for that...what should i do...if i have to submit affadavit where do i get it...pls ans madam i hv dv on 13th

  • NeuroticNexus says:

    Bank wale bahut paresaan KR rahe h sbi wale

  • software engineer says:

    Jitne bhi sabhi banking related video abhi se humare iss new youtube channel par milenge subscribe karke rakkhe

  • Byte Official says:

    Bro...mera sbi ke ek branch mein account hai.....muzhe sbi mein another account banana hai another branch mein......toh same person 2 account in another branch bana sakte hai kya...bolo please

  • Mhiz Debby Beauty says:

    @Austin Boyce did you actually buy something with it though?

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