How to add debit to paypal wallet

how to add debit to paypal wallet

Simply download and/or open your mobile wallet · Load your debit card number · Add pin or other security measures as instructed · Hold or tap your device at. To start using PayPal, you need to add your debit, credit card, or bank account. This will link your account to a bank account so you can deposit or. why can't-i-add-a-debit-or-credit-card-to-my-paypal-account.

How to add debit to paypal wallet -

Confirm by clicking "Add Card. Go to your Wallet. View your credit card statement online or paper statement and write down the exact amounts for each transaction made by PayPal. When the account screen loads, click on the "Enter PayPal Code" link and type in the code from your Visa card statement. Published Date:.
how to add debit to paypal wallet

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